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CAPF 73 and Vehicle Usage

Lt Col Stacy Haruguchi, Hawaii Wing Director of Logistics, reviews the CAPF 73 and answers questions about vehicle usage during a Wing Weekly meeting held via Zoom on July 7, 2020.

During the meeting, someone asked a question about if or when a CAP member with a CAP driver's license must report a speeding ticket or other moving violation and to whom. From CAPR 77-1, here’s the answer:

(The) driver’s record must show any driving violations received within two years preceding the date of request (for CAP driving privileges). Individuals may upload their own driver’s license and driving record or records may be uploaded by a unit commander or transportation officer (into eServices\Operations\Operations Qualifications\Ops Quals\Driver’s License). If an applicant has one or more of the following convictions within the previous 2 years (or if the member subsequently commits one of these offenses), CAP driving privileges will be denied (or revoked):

(1) DUI/DWI.

(2) Three or more moving violations.

(3) Six or more non-moving violations.

(4) Reckless driving.

(5) Vehicle felony (hit and run, negligent homicide, theft, assault with a motor vehicle).

(A CAP member will automatically lose CAP driving privileges upon revocation of state driver’s license.)

Commission of any of the driving offenses listed above by a member holding CAP driving privileges will be reported to the wing/region commander immediately and will result in suspension of the member’s CAP driving privileges.

For CAP members, realize that failing to self-report the above information about driving citations could lead to a loss of CAP-provided insurance for the driver in the event of an auto accident during a CAP activity. The member may also be required to pay for damage to the CAP vehicle and/or other property damaged in the accident.

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