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Scanner Training

Welcome to Hawaii Wing's Mission Scanner Training Video Series.

This training was conducted live (online) in April 2020 under the direction of Lt Col Wayne Denesik of Maui County Composite Squadron, with the assistance of Lt Col Chaz Dryden and 1st Lt Darryl Ng, also of Maui County Composite. The training slides are courtesy of California Wing Civil Air Patrol, with few modifications for Hawaii Wing's use. The training series itself is geared toward any CAP mission scanner trainee, in any Wing, across the nation, and around the world.

The training series includes an exam. Your scores will be available upon completion and will be up to your training instructors to certify your training qualifications. 

Lesson 1: Scanner Duties and CAP Missions

Training Tasks covered:

  • P-2013 Discuss Mission Scanner Duties and Responsibilities

  • P-2014 Discuss CAP Liability Coverage and Mishap Reporting

  • P-2015 Enter Data into CAP Forms


Lesson 2: Aircraft Familiarization

Training Tasks covered: 

  • P-2016 Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Controls

  • P-2017 Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Instruments

  • P-2018 Discuss Aircraft Weight and Balance

  • P-2019 Identify Items Checked During an Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspection

  • O-2015 Demonstrate Ground Operations and Safety

  • O-2016 Demonstrate Safety While Taxiing

  • P-2020 Discuss the Danger of Wake Turbulence


Lesson 3: Survival and Urgent Care

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2017 Discuss Post-Crash Actions


Lesson 4: Communications


Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2018 Operate the Aircraft Communications Equipment

  • O-2019 Use Proper Number and Character Pronunciation

  • O-2020 Use Prowords

  • O-2021 Interpret Emergency Services


Lesson 5: Scanning Techniques

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2022 Demonstrate Scanning Patterns and Locate Targets

  • P-2021 Discuss How Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions Affect Scanning Effectiveness

  • P-2022 Identify Visual Clues and Wreckage Patterns

  • O-2023 Demonstrate Techniques to Reduce Fatigue


Lesson 6: Weather

Training Task covered:

  • P-2023 Discuss How Reduced Visibility and Turbulence Affect Search Operations


Lesson 7: High Altitude and Terrain Considerations

Training Task covered: 

  • P-2024 Discuss Strategies to Combat High Altitude Effects


Lesson 8: Navigation and Position Determination

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-0204 Locate a Point on a Map Using Latitude and Longitude

  • O-0205 Locate a Point on a Map Using the CAP Grid System

  • O-2024 Use Sectional Charts

  • O-2025 Track and Record Position on Sectionals and Maps


Lesson 9: Search Planning and Coverage

Training Tasks covered:

  • P-2025 Discuss Common Search Terms

  • P-2026 Identify What to Look For and Record During Damage Assessment Missions


Lesson 10: Visual Search Patterns and Procedures

Training Task covered:

  • P-2027 Describe CAP Search Patterns


Lesson 11: Crew Resource Management

Training Task covered:

  • P-2028 Discuss Crew Resource Management



This marks the end of the Hawai'i Wing Mission Scanner Training Video Series.

To complete your scanner training:

  • Take this online test 

  • Complete the Aircrew Professionalism course in eServices.

  • Complete FEMA ICS 100, ICS 700, and the Aircraft Ground Handling Course (eServices).

  • Coordinate with your Emergency Services Training officer or unit commander to schedule your mission scanner training flights.

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