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Emergency Service Training

Upcoming Training Schedules: 

The Hawaiʻi Wing, in our efforts to provide essential emergency services disaster support and readiness, is offering opportunities with our local partners to ensure members are qualified at all levels and positions.  Below are some training offered to locally support our members to become qualified based on CAP standards and regulations.  Please follow the links to our emergency services partners to ensure you can attend these events. 


WebEOC Part I Online Training

Description: An online, self-paced course to teach future CAP Liaison Officers, Planning Section Chiefs, Operation Section Chiefs and Incident Commanders how the state of Hawaii and its counties share information and request assistance during disasters. Information from the WebEOC website is expected to be shared with CAP ES members through WMIRS for mission documentation. Relevant Information from WMIRS communications logs may be shared with appropriate state and county agencies via WebEOC.  

Prerequisite: CAP Senior Member with GBD, AOBD or LO qualification . FEMA Independent Studies Courses: IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800.

Part I: Participants watch a series of videos (self-paced). There are 10 videos which total 4.25 hours. After watching the videos, participants take (and pass) a quiz.  

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