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Memory Study Guide

Memory Study Guide

In Civil Air Patrol, members will often hear words or acronyms and abbreviations that they may not be familiar with. Though challenging and confusing, it is simple with practice and almost like learning a second language.  Below are some of the most frequent ones you will hear/see that will help you become familiarized and eventually use them in your everyday use as in second nature.

Unit Charter Numbers:

PCR-HI-001 (Hawaii Wing Headquarters)

PCR-HI-009 (Wheeler Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-030 (Maryknoll Cadet Squadron)

PCR-HI-043 (Lyman Field Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-057 (Maui Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-060 (Kona Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-066 (Hickam Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-073 (Kauai Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-075 (West-Oahu Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-077 (Saint Louis Composite Squadron)

PCR-HI-078 (Honolulu Senior Member Squadron)

Civil Air Patrol Motto:

Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)


Honor Code:

On my honor as a Civil Air Patrol cadet of the Hawaii Wing, I will not lie, cheat, steal, or commit any act of intentional dishonesty or tolerate those who do.


Cadet Oath:

I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state, and nation.


Core Values:

Integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect.


The Value Of Drill And Ceremonies:

On the drill field, the individual learns to participate as a team member, to appreciate the need for discipline, that is, to respond to authority, to follow orders promptly and precisely, and to recognize the effects of their actions on the group as a whole. Learning to follow is the beginning of leadership.


Definition Of Leadership:

The art of influencing and directing people in a way that will win their obedience, confidence, respect, and loyal cooperation in achieving a common objective.


Definition Of Military Discipline:

Military discipline is the mental attitude and state of training which renders obedience instinctive under all conditions. It is founded upon respect for and loyalty to properly constituted authority.


0000 - Midnight
0100 - 1:00am
0200 - 2:00am
0300 - 3:00am
0400 - 4:00am
0500 - 5:00am
0600 - 6:00am
0700 - 7:00am
0800 - 8:00am
0900 - 9:00am
1000 - 10:00am
1100 - 11:00am
1200 - 12:00 noon
1300 - 1:00pm
1400 - 2:00pm
1500 - 3:00pm
1600 - 4:00pm
1700 - 5:00pm
1800 - 6:00pm
1900 - 7:00pm
2000 - 8:00pm
2100 - 9:00pm
2200 - 10:00pm
2300 - 11:00pm
O-Dark-30 - Extremely Early



101 Card Civil Air Patrol Form 101 Wallet-sized form that lists all Emergency Services qualifications and supervised trainee status
1AF First Air Force USAF Component of NORTHCOM to which CAP is operationally assigned
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service On-base store where CAP members can purchase USAF-style uniforms 
ABU Airmen's Battle Dress Uniform USAF-style uniform authorized for CAP wear
ACC Air Combat Command USAF Command to which CAP-USAF is assigned
ACE Aerospace Connections in Education A fun, interactive aerospace/STEM program for CAP educator members who teach grades K-6. Designed to engage and inspire early-aged youth toward an interest in aviation, space, and other STEM-related careers.
ACSC Air Command and Staff College Air Force officer Intermediate Developmental Education course for majors and major-selects
ADIS Advanced Digital Imagery System Photography mission type
AE Aerospace Education  
AEM Aerospace Education Member Membership category for teachers and other educators to have access to K-12 aerospace education materials to bring into their classroom or education setting
AERONet Airborne Extensible Relay Over-Horizon Network Tactical network that provides live, shared situational awareness.
AEX Aerospace Education Excellence Program  
AFAM Air Force Assigned Mission  
AFMCSS Air Force Military Clothing Sales Store On-base store where CAP members can purchase USAF-style uniforms 
AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center Air Force center that manages assignment of Air Force search and rescue in the United States
AGH Aircraft Ground Handling Course that teaches safe ground movement of aircraft
AMF Aircraft Maintenance Facility  
AMO Aircraft Maintenance Officer  
AMRAD Aircraft Maintenance Repair And Documentation System that provides real-time visibility of aircraft status, open and closed discrepancies, maintenance & inspection data, maintenance and repair requests, parts order status and parts tracking
AOBD Air Operations Branch Director  
AP Airborne Photographer  
ATP Annual Training Plan Plan developed by each wing for a fiscal year (FY) that identifies the commander's vision, goals, and training goals for ES and air ops. It includes the budget request for SUIs, Operations, and Emergency Services, including SUI travel, flight evaluations, orientation flights (Cadet, JROTC, ROTC), proficiency flying, and training events.
AUDL Air University Distance Learning An Air Force organization through which professional military education courses can be completed. Notable among the offerings which are available to eligible Civil Air Patrol members are: Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officer School, Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy, and Noncommissioned Officer Academy. See CAP Regulation 40-1 paragraph 11.1
AWC Air War College Air Force officer Senior Developmental Education course for lieutenant colonels and Lt Col-selects
Axis   Learning system in eServices that offers training courses
BDU Battle Dress Uniform Old USAF-style uniform previously authorized for CAP wear. Phased out in 2021.
Bivouac   Military camping typically with training activities. Usually a temporary encampment under little or no shelter. (pronounced BIV-wack)
BLUF Bottom Line Up Front Brief (1-2 sentence) summary of a long or complex communication
BoG Board of Governors Governing body of CAP that governs, directs, and manages the affairs of the Corporation
BZ Bravo Zulu Navy term for "job well done"
CAC Cadet Advisory Council Provides a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels, aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program, and make recommendations to the commander for improving and running the Cadet Program.
CAP Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary
CAPF Civil Air Patrol Form  
CAPID Civil Air Patrol Identification (number) Unique number to identify each member
CAPP Civil Air Patrol Pamphlet Written guidance published by National Headquarters or subordinate units
CAPR Civil Air Patrol Regulation Written directive on policy published by National Headquarters
CAPS Civil Air Patrol Standard Publication that outlines standards of accomplishing tasks, such as aircraft operations
CAPWATCH   eServices database
CAP-USAF Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force USAF personnel assigned by 1AF to oversee the operations of the Auxiliary and monitor the spending of appropriated funds.
CC Commander Office Symbol
CCC Command Chief or Command NCO or NCO Advisor Office Symbol. Command Chief at NHQ, Command NCO at region/wing, and NCO Advisor at groups and below.
CCE Executive Officer Air Force office symbol for executive officer, sometimes used in CAP. Administrative support for the unit commander.
CCF First Sergeant Office Symbol (Cadet or Composite Squadrons Only)
CCRSC Chaplain Corps Region Staff College A training opportunity offered for CAP Chaplain Corps personnel.
CD Deputy Commander Office Symbol
CD Counterdrug  
CDC Deputy Commander for Cadets Office Symbol
CDI Character Development Instructor Senior Member who teaches character development classes for cadets
CDI Commander-Directed Investigation No longer authorized
CDS Deputy Commander for Seniors Office Symbol
CEMS Communications Equipment Maintenance System eServices database to request communications equipment maintenance and repair
CEO Chief Executive Officer The National Commander serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Corporation, and is responsible for overall control of the organization
CERT Community Emergency Response Team Emergency services qualification
CFDU Corporate Flight Duty Uniform Blue flight suit 
CFU Corporate Field Uniform Blue utility uniform 
CI Compliance Inspection National Headquarters inspection of region and wing headquarters
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management Emergency services qualification
CLC Corporate Learning Course Advanced Course for Senior Members to learn about CAP organization above the squadron
CMSAF Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Senior enlisted advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Secretary of the Air Force. Highest ranking enlisted position in the Air Force.
COI Certificate of Insurance  
CONUS Continental United States 48 states, not including Alaska and Hawaii 
COO Chief Operating Officer Full-time employee at NHQ who administers the day‐to‐day activities of CAP
COP Certificate of Proficiency Recognition for cadets who completed the cadet program prior to the current system
COP Common Operating Picture "A single identical display of relevant information shared by more than one command that facilitates collaborative planning and assists all echelons to achieve situational awareness." (DOD Dictionary)
COV Corporate Owned Vehicle Vehicles owned by CAP
CP Cadet Programs Office Symbol
CPP Cadet Protection Program  
CPPT Cadet Protection Program Training  
CS Chief of Staff Office Symbol (Wing/Region)
CSAF Chief of Staff of the Air Force Senior uniformed Air Force officer responsible for the organization, training and equipping of active-duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian forces serving in the U.S. and overseas
CSAG CAP Senior Advisory Group Advisory body to the National Commander, consisting of the National Commander, National Vice Commander, National Executive Officer, 8 Region Commanders, Chief Operating Officer*, Commander, CAP‐USAF*, and Advisors as the National Commander may appoint*

(*Ex‐officio, nonvoting members)

CUB Commander's Update Briefing Typically a staff update to their commander on current activities
CUI Controlled Unclassified Information Information that, while not classified, still requires some level of protection from unauthorized access and release. Protection may be required for privacy, sensitive mission information, or other reasons. Replaced FOUO.
CV Vice Commander Office Symbol
CWU Corporate Working Uniform a.k.a. polo uniform, authorized for senior members only
DA Administration Office Symbol
DAART Domestic Awareness Assessment and Response Tool  
DC Communications (Director) Office Symbol
DCP Director of Cadet Programs Office Symbol for wing-level staff position responsible for cadet program management
DCS Deputy Commander for Support Region-level staff position that may oversee a specific element of the staff (e.g. DCS Logistics, DCS Aerospace)
DDR Drug Demand Reduction Program to reduce drug abuse
DEV Director of Development Office Symbol for wing/region position responsible for enhancing fundraising efforts at the region, wing, and unit level
DF Direction Finder Equipment capable of receiving and tracking aviation, marine, and personal distress beacons on 121.5 MHz, 243 MHz, and 406 MHz frequencies
DIV Diversity Officer Office Symbol
DLO Desired Learning Outcomes In a lesson plan, describes the knowledge, skills, or attitudes that students should be able to demonstrate after the lesson
DO Operations Office Symbol
DOC Counterdrug Office Symbol
DoD Department of Defense  
DOH Homeland Security Office Symbol
DOK Director of Communications Office Symbol. NHQ only
DOS Emergency Services Office Symbol
DOT Operations Training Office Symbol
DOU Unmanned Aerial Systems Office Symbol
DOV Standardization & Evaluation Office Symbol
DP Personnel Office Symbol
DR Disaster Relief Office Symbol. Also category of mission providing post-disaster services.
DSCA Defense Support of Civil Authorities Authority used by DoD Components to support civil authorities to save lives, mitigate suffering, minimize serious property damage, and protect vital infrastructure during a disaster.
E108 Electronic CAPF108 Request for reimbursement of mission expenses filed in WMIRS
E&T Education and Training Senior Member training program. Replaced Professional Development. Also known as ET
ELPER   Direction finding equipment used in finding ELTs transmitting on 121.5 or 243 MHz frequency. Correct name is "L-Per" or "Little L-Per" by manufacturer, L-Tronics.
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter Aircraft beacon that triggers in a crash to help search teams locate the aircraft
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon Emergency transmitter beacon carried by marine vehicles (e.g. boats) that sends off a signal in case of emergency
EPLO Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer Reserve officers who coordinate DoD resources during an emergency response
ET Education and Training Office Symbol. Also the Senior Member training program. Replaced Professional Development. Also known as E&T
EXPLAN Exercise Plan The overall plan for the exercise
F&P Familiarization and Preparatory Training The initial classroom training for an emergency services qualification. Once a member completes prerequisites, F&P, and receives commander's approval they are classified as a Trainee on their 101 card. Trainees may participate in training and real world emergency services missions under a qualified supervisor
FAA Federal Aviation Administration  
FASC Finance Admin Section Chief  
FDU Flight Duty Uniform a.k.a. flight suit
FECA Federal Employees Compensation Act Workmen’s compensation program for federal workers. FECA is applicable to CAP seniors and cadets 18 and older while serving on Air Force-assigned missions, including travel to and from. (See CAPR 900-5)
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency  
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared Thermal imaging system used by some CAP wings (NDWG, WYWG) for DSCA/SAR
FLM Flightline Marshaller  
FLS Flightline Supervisor  
FM Finance Officer Office Symbol
FMA Wing Financial Analyst May also be referred to as WFA (pronounced "wiffa")
FOC Full Operational Capability Referring to the status of a new program when it is able to be fully employed to meet an operational need
Form 5 Civil Air Patrol Form #5 Form used by CAP to approve pilot qualifications to fly CAP aircraft
FOUO For Official Use Only Information or material which, although unclassified, may not be appropriate for public release. Replaced by CUI
FRO Flight Release Officer  
FSX Full-scale Exercise Exercise that involves all field forces as well as mission management
FTCA Federal Tort Claims Act Liability protection that applies to CAP and its members while performing "Air Force-assigned missions" (see CAPR 900-5)
FTL Field Team Leader State qualification similar to Ground Team Leader
FTM Field Team Member State qualification similar to Ground Team Member
FTX Field Training Exercise Exercise that involves field forces
GBD Ground Branch Director  
GC General Counsel Office Symbol (NHQ Only)
GCC Group Commander Certificate Group Commander Certificate training
GES General Emergency Services Initial training/exam for members starting emergency services training. Required for any ES participation.
GIIEP Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable  
GIS Geographic Information System Data management system that organizes information across geography, typically laid out in a map composed of layers on information
GR Government Relations Advisor Office Symbol. Also may be called GRA. (Wing and region)
Grade   A step or degree, in a graduated scale of office or military rank (e.g., TSgt, 2d Lt). Definition derived from 10 USC §101
GREEN FLAG Mission Code Phrase Special CAP mission using specially equipped aircraft to train military sensor operators
GSA General Services Administration Federal agency that sets reimbursement rates for lodging and per diem (food)
GSAR (College) Ground Search and Rescue College VDEM course for Field Team Member (Ground Team Member) qualification
GTL Ground Team Leader ES qualification to lead a team to perform field search and rescue
GTM Ground Team Member ES qualification to perform field search and rescue. Includes levels 1-3, with 1 being the most advanced qualifications
GVR Government Relations Office Symbol. NHQ only
HC Chaplain Office Symbol
HIWG Hawaii Wing Abbreviation for the Hawaii Wing Civil Air Patrol Unit
HO Historian Office Symbol
HQ Headquarters Management level in CAP above the squadron/chartered flight, e.g. Group, Wing, Region, National
HR Human Relations Office Symbol. NHQ employee management
HS Health Services Office Symbol
HUBCAP   CAP's innovation hub where members can share tools and resources they create
IACE International Air Cadet Exchange  
IC Incident Commander Lead individual in the Incident Command System. Qualification levels include IC1 (highest/major complex incidents) to IC3.
ICP Incident Command Post  
ICS Incident Command System  
ICUT Introductory Communications User Training Initial training to be able to operate CAP radios without supervision
IFR Instrument Flight Rules  
IG Inspector General Office Symbol (wing and higher)
IGC Inspector General College A national college for CAP Inspectors General and Inspector General staff members ; region, wing, or group commanders; or legal officers
IMSAFE I. aM. S.A.F.E. Checklist Aircrew acronym to check common risks to determine an individual's readiness to fly. I – Illness, M – Medication, S – Stress, A – Alcohol, F – Fatigue, E – Emotion
IMSAFE2 I. aM. S.A.F.E. 2 Checklist Driver's acronym to check common risks to determine an individual's readiness to drive. I – Illness, M – Medication, S – Stress, A – Alcohol, F – Fatigue, E – Emotion, 2 – Drivers (for trips more than 10 driving hours) (CAPR 77-1, ICL 22-02)
IOC Initial Operational Capability Referring to the status of a new program when it is able to be minimally employed in an operational environment but not yet at full capability
IPP Initial Planning Point Point selected to begin planning for a search
ISR Intra-Squad Radio Communications - A small ICOM radio that uses military frequencies that looks and behaves like the small Family Radio Service (FRS) radios that are available to the public.
IST Introduction Safety Training Safety
IT Information Technology Office Symbol
JA Legal Officer Office Symbol (wing and higher)
L-Per   Direction finding equipment used in finding ELTs transmitting on 121.5 or 243 MHz frequencies. May be spelled ELPER. Also known as "Little L-Per" by manufacturer, L-Tronics.
LG Logistics Office Symbol
LGM Aircraft Maintenance Officer Office Symbol
LGS Supply Officer Office Symbol
LGT Transportation Officer Office Symbol
LKP Last Known Position Point where target was last known to be, including use of clues not just last seen
LO Liaison Officer ES qualification to represent CAP with partner agencies during a response to improve coordination between CAP and that agency
LPB Lost Person Behavior Behavior patterns of lost persons based on research and historical data
LRC Leadership Reaction Course Team-based confidence course, often found on military installations
LSC Logistics Section Chief  
MALR Mid-Atlantic Liaison Region The CAP-USAF component aligned with MAR
MAR Mid-Atlantic Region CAP region that includes Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia
MCAF Mission Chaplain (USAF Support Rated)  
MCCF Mission Chaplain (CAP Support Rating)  
MCDF Mission Chaplain (Disaster Support Rating)  
MER Middle East Region Former name of the Mid-Atlantic Region, changed in 2018
MFC Mountain Flying Certification  
MO Mission Observer  
MOA Memorandum of Agreement Formal agreement between two organizations that does not involve financial obligation
MOU Memorandum of Understanding Formal agreement between two organizations that includes a financial obligation
MP Mission Pilot Minimum VFR pilot with additional training and endorsements to fly search and rescue missions. Training includes how to fly different search patterns.
MRO Mission Radio Operator  
MS Mission Scanner  
MSA Mission Staff Assistant  
MSO Mission Safety Officer  
Mx Maintenance  
NCO Noncommissioned Officer  
NCOA Noncommissioned Officer Academy Focused training course for staff sergeant through chief master sergeant
NCSA National Cadet Special Activity Cadet activities approved by national headquarters to provide advanced experiences in leadership, teamwork, and career exploration. Cadets must complete an encampment prior to attending.
NESA National Emergency Services Academy  
NGO Non-Governmental Organization Private organizations such as churches and non-profit service groups that provide support to the community especially in disaster response
NHQ National Headquarters  
NLD National Legislative Day  
NLOC National Legal Officer College A national college for CAP Legal Officers
NOC National Operations Center CAP's emergency operations center that authorizes CAP missions
NORTHCOM Northern Command Provides command and control of DoD homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities for USA
NRCC National Response Coordination Center FEMA response center to integrate Federal and Non-Governmental Organization response to disasters
NRF National Response Framework Plan that establishes a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. It presents the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies – from the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe
NSC National Staff College This college is no longer offered. Resident course for Senior Members teaching executive leadership and organization. The individual classes have been incorporated in the modules of the Senior Member Education and Training Program. Level 5 professional level modules replaced the course.
NSOC National Safety Officer College A national college for CAP Safety Officers
NUC National Uniform Committee Provides counsel to CAP/CC as requested on proposed amendments to CAP’s uniform policies. 
OBC Officer Basic Course Fundamentals of officership and leadership for senior members. An online course previously required for completion of Level II in the legacy Professional Development Program. This course is no longer offered
OCR Office of Coordinating Responsibility Office who is assisting on a project/task. See OPR.
OI Operating Instruction Directive publication that mandates procedures or actions of a local nature within one unit (charter number)
OPCON Operational Control  
OPEX Operational Exercise Exercise that is geared to test specific function or skill set or group
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility Office that has the lead on a project/task and is responsible for the outcome
Ops Eval Operations Evaluation AF inspection of each wing’s operations (emergency services) capability. Occurs every 2 years
Ops Quals Operations Qualifications Module in eServices to track Emergency Services and flight qualifications
ORM Operational Risk Management Now called RM-Risk Management
ORMS Operational Resource Management System CAP database to track equipment, vehicles, and aircraft
OSC Operations Section Chief  
PA Public Affairs (Officer) Office Symbol
PD Professional Development Office Symbol. Previous name for senior member education and training program. Now ET or E&T
PLB Personal Locator Beacon Emergency beacon used by individuals to send a distress signal in an emergency when away from normal emergency services (e.g. when hiking in the mountains)
PII Personally Identifiable Information CAP confidential information about an individual that can be used to distinguish or trace that individual’s identity. See CAPR 1-2(I) for details.
PIO Public Information Officer  
PLS Point Last Seen Point where target was actually seen
POA Plan of Action  
POA Probability of Area Probability that a search target is in a specified area
POC Point of Contact Person to contact for additional information
POD Probability of Detection Probability that a search target will be found if it is in the search area
PODC Point of Distribution Course  
PODS Point of Distribution System Location during disaster response where residents can pick up food water and supplies
PODS Points of Dispensing Location during disaster response where residents can pick up medications
POS Probability of Success Probability based on combination of POD and POA
POV Personally Owned Vehicles Vehicles owned by members
PSC Planning Section Chief  
Rank   Order of precedence among members. Definition derived from 10 USC §101
RCC Region Commander Certificate Region Commander Certificate training
RCLS Region Cadet Leadership School  
REDCAP A real world CAP mission May be any real mission (not exercise) assigned by AFRCC or the NOC
RM Risk Management Formerly called Operational Risk Management
RON Remain Overnight Module in WMIRS for approval to fund lodging and per diem (food) during a mission
ROW Rest of the World Area outside search area
RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft Aircraft controlled from a distance/pilot not on board. Also known as UAS
RSC Region Staff College An in-residence course previously required for completion of Level IV in the legacy Professional Development Program. This college is no longer offered. The individual classes have been incorporated in the modules of the Senior Member Education and Training Program.
SAR Search and Rescue  
SAR Suspicious Activity Reporting Used by DHS and law enforcement
SAREX Search and Rescue Exercise Practice search and rescue mission
SAV Staff Assistance Visit Visit by higher headquarters staff to review programs and provide advice. Not an inspection.
SCC Squadron Commander Certificate Squadron Commander Certificate training offered as electives for those in a Level 3

online cohort. Members who completed the Unit Commanders Course (UCC) do not need to take the SCC modules

SE Safety Office Symbol
SFGC Shelter Field Guide Course Shelter management course for disaster relief operations
SFRO Senior Flight Release Officer  
SIRS Safety Information Reporting System  
SLS Squadron Leadership Course Previous course for Senior Members about how a squadron operates. Replaced by Level 2 modules in Volunteer University
SMC/BISC AFRCC SAR Management Course  
SNCO Senior Noncommissioned Officer Grades of master sergeant, senior master sergeant, and chief master sergeant
SOS Squadron Officers School An Air Force Professional Military Education School for lieutenants and captains, completion of which earns equivalency credit for some modules in the Senior Member Education and Training Program
SPC National Inland SAR Planning Course  
SQTR Specialty Qualification Training Record Form to track Emergency Services qualifications
SRPA Surrogate Remotely-Piloted Aircraft a.k.a. "Green Flag"
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  
SUI Subordinate Unit Inspection Wing inspection program for units below wing level (groups/squadrons) conducted every 24 months
sUAS Small Unmanned Aircraft System Small "drone" aircraft
TAC Training, Advising, and Counselling (Officer) Previous term used for Training Officer
TAG The Adjutant General Highest Commander in a State’s National Guard. In charge of Air and Army Guard. Selected by and reports to the governor
TLC Training Leaders of Cadets Course for Senior Members to learn about the cadet program. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses are available
TLP Team Leadership Project (or Problem) Team activity to see how people work in the dynamics of a group
TMP Transport Mission Pilot  
TO Training Officer Current term used at encampments for the senior members who provide an adult presence with a flight and mentor cadre and students (Formerly called TAC Officer)
TSA The Spaatz Association Organization of individuals who earned CAP's General Carl A. Spaatz Award or Certificate of Proficiency. Separate organization from CAP
TTX Table-top Exercise Exercise that is restricted to management and may range quite a bit by type
TUV Temporary Use Vehicles Vehicles rented or borrowed by CAP
UAO Unit Alert Officer  
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System Aircraft of any size that is remotely piloted
UASMP sUAS Mission Pilot  
UAST sUAS Technician  
UCC Unit Commanders Course Previous course for Senior Members to learn about being a unit commander. Replaced by the Squadron Commander Certificate (SCC), Group Commander Certificate (GCC), and Region Commander Certificate (RCC)
UDF Urban Direction Finding Mission to locate Emergency Locator Transmitters (emergency beacons)
USAF United States Air Force  
USAFR United States Air Force Reserve Federal reserve component of the USAF. Some Reservists are assigned to CAP-USAF to augment the oversite and support provided to CAP (e.g. Operations Evaluations, encampment advisors/support)
v/r very respectfully Used as a closing statement before a signature block
VDEM Virginia Department of Emergency Management Virginia state agency responsible for search and rescue, state support in disasters, etc.
VDOA Virginia Department of Aviation Virginia state agency
VFR Visual Flight Rules  
VIR Virtual In-Residence Online live courses in the Senior Member Education and Training Program taught by Volunteer University
VOAD Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disasters Primarily a church oriented group that assists in disaster response.
VOLU Volunteer University The organization that offers the modules necessary to advance in the Senior Member Education and Training Program
WA Wing Administrator Office Symbol
WAO Wing Alerting Officer  
WFA Wing Financial Analyst National employee who provides financial oversight to wings. Office Symbol is FMA.
WMIRS Web Mission Information Reporting System CAP's online database to track missions, sorties, aircraft, and funding
WOCN Work Order Control Number Tracking identifier for discrepancies listed in AMRAD
WS Water Survival  
WSA Web Security Administrator  
XO Executive Officer Office Symbol
XP Plans and Programs Office Symbol


Learn more about cadet pathways by viewing the cadet super chart

Cadet Phase I - The Learning Phase

  Achievement 1 Achievement 2 Achievement 3 Wright Brothers




Cadet Airman Basic
Cadet Airman 
Cadet Airman First Class
Cadet Senior Airman
Cadet Staff


Major General John F. Curry Achievement

General of the Air Force Hap Arnold

Colonel Mary Feik Achievement

Orville & Wilbur Wright Brothers Achievement
  John F. Curry - Wikipedia Henry Harley Arnold, (“Hap”) | Weapons and Warfare Charleston Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol - Col Mary Feik, CAP Life  Member and icon, is in failing health. Please join me in keeping Col Feik,  her daughter, Robin, and her husband Wright Brothers Flying School | Encyclopedia of Alabama

Cadet Phase II - The Leadership Phase

Achievement 4 Achievement 5 Achievement 6 Achievement 7 Achievement 8

Billy Mitchell 




Cadet Techincal Sergeant
Cadet Master Sergeant
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant
Cadet Second Leuitenant
C/2d Lt

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement






General Jimmy Doolittle Achievement



Dr. Robert H. Goddard Achievement



Neil Armstrong Achievement




 Brigadier General Billy Mitchell
Eddie Rickenbacker - Wikipedia  
GENERAL JAMES HAROLD DOOLITTLE > Air Force > Biography Display
Robert H. Goddard - Wikipedia
Neil Armstrong - IMDb
Billy Mitchell - Wikipedia


Cadet Phase III - The Command Phase

Achievement 9
Achievement 10
Achievement 11
Amelia Earhart
Cadet Second Lieutenant
 C/ 2d Lt
Cadet First Lieutenant
 C/ 1st Lt
Cadet First Lieutenant
 C/1st Lt
Cadet Captain

  Brigadier General Billy Mitchell
No Ribbon Awarded
No Ribbon Awarded

Amelia Earhart Achievement
Billy Mitchell - Wikipedia     Amelia Earhart | Biography, Childhood, Disappearance, & Facts | Britannica


Cadet Phase IV - The Executive Phase

Achievement 12 Achievement 13 Achievement 14 Achievement 15 Achievement 16 General Ira Eaker
Cadet Captain
Cadet Captain
Cadet Major
Cadet Major
Cadet Major
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
C/Lt Col


No Ribbon Awarded

No Ribbon Awarded

Colonel George Boyd

Dr. Sally Ride

No Ribbon Awarded

General Ira C. Eaker


Alexander Jefferson - Wikipedia
Sally Ride - Wikipedia

Ira C. Eaker - Wikipedia



General Carl A. Spaatz Award
Cadet Colonel

General Carl A. Spaatz
GENERAL CARL A. SPAATZ > Air Force > Biography Display




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