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CadetInvest Application Guide

You MUST complete the financial aid application prior to 31 Dec at 1200 CST if you desire to receive a portion of the generous financial aid available to cadets.  The opportunity to apply for specific programs comes around February of next year.  For some programs, such as Cadet Wings, no further application is needed as this is purely a financial aid program designed to pay for cadet flight training.  For other programs, such as TOP, cadets will need to apply for specific National Flight Academies as the dates become available.  


Please use the following guidelines to help you navigate through the application process for CAP Cadet Financial Aid to include scholarships, and various paid flight training programs.


The deadline for applying for financial aid for CY2021 is 31 Dec 2020 at 1200 CST — NO EXCEPTIONS.


1.  To start the application process, open up eServices and select <MENU>



2.  Then select <CADET PROGRAMS>



3.  Now select <CAP CADETINVEST>



4.  Now select <CAP CADETINVEST> to open up a drop down menu.



5.  Select <APPLY FOR CADETINVEST> from the drop-down menu you just opened in previous step.



6.  Finally you will have reached the actual application page.  Go ahead and select all of the boxes under <Type of financial assistance requesting?>  Remember, you are now just applying for financial aid should you be selected for a program.  You will actually apply for the specific programs you are interested in later on (after at least 1 Dec 2020).


For specific application instructions for the various programs, click on the blue highlighted link.  Even if you haven’t completed the prerequisites for a program, go ahead and select all of the programs as indicated below.  Here is where you will find the specific Supplemental Information you need to provide for the various programs.  You will provide this Supplemental Information when you get to Tab 6:  Supplemental.


Also note that this page has seven (7) tabs across the page just above <Step 1 of 7>.  After completing all of the information requested on the <Personal> tab, select each of the other tabs and fill in the requested information. 



7.  After filling out all of the info on the <PERSONAL> tab, select the <Financial Profile> tab.



8.  Proceed to complete the application by selecting each tab and providing requested info.


9.  The Tab labeled “Supplemental” is where you upload any supplemental info specific to the program for which you are applying.  A link containing info on what supplemental info is required for each program is highlighted below.  There is also the same link in Paragraph 6, above.




10.  Select the <SUBMIT> tab when you are done.  On this page, tick the box and select <SUBMIT>.



11. Now check the email address that is shown in eServices for the cadet.  This is the ONLY address that National HQ will use to communicate with the cadet.  Make sure to check your email address listed in eServices regularly to ensure that you don’t miss requests for additional information or notices of awards requiring confirmation or forfeiture if not acknowledged.





I.  The deadline is the deadline!  

II.  At this point, you are just applying for financial aid.

III.  You don’t have to submit everything all at once.  Submit what you have, and then submit the rest as it becomes available.

IV.  The deadline is the deadline!


The deadline for applying for financial aid for CY2021 is 31 Dec 2020 at 1200 CST — NO EXCEPTIONS.


If you have any questions, please contact:


Hawaii Wing:  Lt Col Wayne Denesik, wdenesik@gmail.com, 480-205-6603 (Rings on Maui)

National Hq:  Ms Margarita Mesones, mmesones@capnhq.gov, 334-853-9563 (Central Time)

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