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Simulator Training - Redbird TD

The Redbird TD flight simulator is FAA-approved as a Basic Aviation Training Device that represents a single engine piston aircraft.

The simulator is located in the Aerospace Education room at Hawaii Wing Headquarters.

Consult the Google calendar below to view booked reservations.

To book a reservation, first review the following rules, then scroll down to the Calendly widget.

If you have any questions, please contact Hawaii Wing Director of Aerospace Education, Maj Martin Guiles, at mguiles.cap@gmail.com.

Redbird Rules:

  1. Redbird users must be checked out by a simulator instructor prior to using the simulator.

  2. No Cadets unless they have completed Ground School, are in flight training, and have booked the session with two senior members, one of which must be a CFI.

  3. Shut down the Redbird via the selection screen, not the computer power.

  4. Log all hours and what activities were accomplished via the website form: Redbird Usage LogFailure to complete the usage log will result in denial of use until the form is complete.

  5. Report any discrepancies on the Redbird Usage Log so we can address them quickly.

  6. Treat the machine kindly so it lasts.


Facility Rules:

  1. Two members present for a session, one of which needs to be Director, Pilot, or other authorized Wing HQ SM.

  2. Clean all appropriate surfaces with minimum number of Clorox wipes (if we run out, facility will not be available).

  3. Shut down the AE room AC when leaving.

  4. Close both Simulator room and AE room doors.

  5. Make HQ nicer than when you arrived, i.e. take out trash, clean what you use, bring more Pete’s Keurig pods etc.


Booked Reservations:


Make your reservation here:

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