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AE DIY: Aerospace Education Activities You Can Do at Home

Making a Dragonfly Helicopter

Hawaii Wing Challenge: Create your own dragonfly helicopter and variations on the base model, then upload video(s) of your creations to this flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/0042b93e

See the sidebar for the required template.

CAUTION: This video depicts using a razor blade with unprotected hands for demonstration purposes only. Viewers are advised to use heavy gloves, a heavy cloth, a vise, or some other contraption to hold the propeller strut while using the razor blade. VIEWERS PROCEED AT THEIR OWN RISK!

Materials List:

• Template • Ruler • Paper clip • Scissors • Cotton swabs with PLASTIC sticks (x2) • Push pin • Hot glue gun • Transparent Tape • Razor blade • Heavy gloves, cloth, or vise for small items • 2L plastic soda bottle • Straws (x2) • Foam meat tray or plate • Rubber band or "hobby/sport" rubber • Paper plate

(For the best viewing experience, set the video window to 1080p quality using the gear icon in the bottom right corner.)


Aerodynamics of an Airfoil

Click on the picture below to check out this video and DIY activity from West Oahu Composite Squadron!


Robotics -- End Effector

AE DIY Challenge: Try out this great project from Robotics! Download the lesson plan (linked on the right), watch the video below, and then submit your awesome pictures of the End Effector working! Submit your photo HERE.

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