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3rd Quarter, 2020

Reentry! -- Maj Martin Guiles, Hawaii Wing Director of Aerospace Education, gave a mini-presentation on space craft reentry during the Wing weekly meeting.

Presented on August 4, 2020.

Slides: Reentry!

Kahoot! link: Reentry! Kahoot!


AEO Critical Tasks: Maj Guiles reviews upcoming reporting requirements and how to complete them.

Presented on July 28, 2020.



2nd Quarter, 2020

Maj Guiles' presents Aerospace Education Tools, in which he shares some tools to help engage Civil Air Patrol members in AE and other educational endeavors.

Presented on May 26, 2020.


1st Quarter, 2020

During 2019 Aerospace Education in the Hawaii Wing blasted off into a new realm! The penultimate event capturing this ethos was our Wing Rocketry Weekend. Multiple units came together with more than 40 Cadets attending. Rocketry classes were held, and a huge build party saw every Cadet get either a level 2 requirement powered rocket or a level three multistage constructed. There was glue, tape, scraps and chaos! Many AEO members attended and had a great time bringing order into the turbulence.


After the rockets were built we loaded up and went to Blaisdell Park for a mass launch. Every Cadet had a chance to fire off at least one time, with many completing multiple launches. There were a few spectacular failures! The best was a multi-stage that flamed out after the first stage failed to separate. The smoking wreck drifted to the ground with everyone cheering. Cadet officers were in charge of the safety situation and performed with exemplary service. The FOD line (for park cleanup) after the launch was a thing of beauty. Over forty cadets stretched out half a football field, marching in unison…


The best reward for all the hard work that goes into our AE activities can be summed up in one Cadet quote at the end “I didn’t know that Airlift weekend was so fun! Can we launch rockets every weekend?”


For 2020 the Wing is moving forward with STEM activities in March, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum camp in August, and our plan to make the Rocketry Weekend an annual tradition. Anyone interested in the most enjoyable part of CAP is welcome to contact a local Squadron or the Wing directly. Aerospace Education is a fantastic way to serve and get the priceless reward of seeing those “Ahah!” Cadet moments.

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