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Scanner Training

Lesson 1: Scanner Duties and CAP Missions

Training Tasks covered:

  • P-2013 Discuss Mission Scanner Duties and Responsibilities

  • P-2014 Discuss CAP Liability Coverage and Mishap Reporting

  • P-2015 Enter Data into CAP Forms


Lesson 2: Aircraft Familiarization

Training Tasks covered: 

  • P-2016 Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Controls

  • P-2017 Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Instruments

  • P-2018 Discuss Aircraft Weight and Balance

  • P-2019 Identify Items Checked During an Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspection

  • O-2015 Demonstrate Ground Operations and Safety

  • O-2016 Demonstrate Safety While Taxiing

  • P-2020 Discuss the Danger of Wake Turbulence


Lesson 3: Survival and Urgent Care

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2017 Discuss Post-Crash Actions


Lesson 4: Communications


Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2018 Operate the Aircraft Communications Equipment

  • O-2019 Use Proper Number and Character Pronunciation

  • O-2020 Use Prowords

  • O-2021 Interpret Emergency Services


Lesson 5: Scanning Techniques

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-2022 Demonstrate Scanning Patterns and Locate Targets

  • P-2021 Discuss How Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions Affect Scanning Effectiveness

  • P-2022 Identify Visual Clues and Wreckage Patterns

  • O-2023 Demonstrate Techniques to Reduce Fatigue


Lesson 6: Weather

Training Task covered:

  • P-2023 Discuss How Reduced Visibility and Turbulence Affect Search Operations


Lesson 7: High Altitude and Terrain Considerations

Training Task covered: 

  • Discuss Strategies to Combat High Altitude Effects


Lesson 8: Navigation and Position Determination

Training Tasks covered:

  • O-0204 Locate a Point on a Map Using Latitude and Longitude

  • O-0205 Locate a Point on a Map Using the CAP Grid System

  • O-2024 Use Sectional Charts

  • O-2025 Track and Record Position on Sectionals and Maps


Lesson 9: Search Planning and Coverage

Training Tasks covered:

  • P-2025 Discuss Common Search Terms

  • P-2026 Identify What to Look For and Record During Damage Assessment Missions



Lesson 10: Visual Search Patterns and Procedures

Training Task covered:

  • P-2027 Describe CAP Search Patterns



Lesson 11: Crew Resource Management

Training Task covered:

  • P-2028 Discuss Crew Resource Management


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