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Cadet Officer Training School

Cadet Officer Training School

Cadet Officer Training School gives eligible cadets the opportunity to advance CAP knowledge and leadership skills.

The 2020 Hawaii Wing Cadet Officer Training School (OTS) featured Dr. Kent Keith, the President of Pacific Rim Christian University. Dr. Keith has served as the CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership in the United States (2007-2012) as well as in Asia (2012-2015). Dr. Keith has given more than a thousand presentations throughout the world and has written thirteen books, many of which are about servant leadership.

Dates: 7-8 March 2020


  • The rank of Cadet Master Sergeant or higher

  • Completion of 150-200 word introduction essay

  • Completion of the registration form

Attendance of OTS will require each cadet to create a 150-200 word introduction essay. The essay does not need to follow any specific formatting however should be typed and easy to read. You will bring a printed copy with you on the first day of the training school. This essay should include… 

  • An introduction to yourself (ex: Name, Where you grew up and more)

  • Favorite CAP memory

  • What you hope to learn from OTS

A major part of OTS is the opportunity to apply for officer positions in the 5th Cadet Training Group. Staffing at Encampment is one of the most challenging experiences as a Cadet, however, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences if you fully commit to the demands of your position. By starting the journey towards Encampment Cadre you are agreeing to put your best effort forward as well as dedicate your time and energy in order to prepare yourself to be the best leader you can be. You do not need to apply for an Encampment position to attend OTS.You may attend solely for the experience… However, if you wish to hold an officer position at the 2020 Hawaii Wing Encampment, the attendance of OTS is required.

The positions available for Encampment staff are as follows…

  • Squadron Commander

  • Squadron Executive Officer

  • Flight Commander

For an Encampment position, you are required to have completed at least one Encampment as a student and be at least a Cadet 2nd Lieutenant before Encampment begins in order to fulfill the available position.

If you wish to apply for an officer position at Encampment you will also need to prepare a resume that adheres to the standards in Learn to Lead Volume 2, Chapter 8 in addition to the introduction essay.

Registration for both OTS and Officer Positions for 2020 Encampment closed on 3 March 2020. Check back here for information on the 2021 Cadet Officer Training School.


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