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Interested in a position but don't see it listed here? Please email Capt Jen Herrington at jherrington@cap.gov.



Public Affairs Officers and Cadets

Multiple Wing Public Affairs (PA) positions are open for both senior members and cadets. PA personnel will engage in various activities to increase public awareness of CAP, its local, state, and national missions, and its contributions to the nation. Members may either specialize or engage in any (or all) of the following: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), journalism, photography, videography, video editing, website content management, live reporting, graphic design, newsletter creation and management, media relations, and more. Training and support will be provided. Those interested in Emergency Services will train to become Public Information Officers. All will report to the Wing Director of Public Affairs.

Qualifications required:

  • Eligible cadets will have attained the CAP grade of C/TSgt or higher.

  • Good attitude

  • Willingness to learn new skills

  • Willingness to teach skills you already have

  • Written communication skill

    • ability to produce written information so that an intended audience understands the material

  • Oral communication skill

    • ability to transmit information by spoken word so that an intended audience understands the material

  • Interpersonal relations skill

    • ability to interact with others and avoid offense in dealing with people


Conference Protocol Officer (Senior Member) 

Works directly with the Conference and Banquet Chair to ensure that protocol is worked out for the conference and banquet. Ensures that the introduction of VIPs are met as outlined in CAPP 3 and AFPAM 34-1202. Also may be consulted by the Wing Commander to provide advice for VIPs. 
Requirements: Prior/Current Military Experience Preferred
Reports to: Conference/Banquet Chair


Conference Public Affairs Officer (Senior Member)

The Public Affairs Officer is responsible for all media posts relating to the conference and banquet. This individual is also responsible for advertising these events, through social media, email and other contact methods. Also, this individual is responsible for reaching out to state officials as well as CAP officials from the Wing, Region and National levels to get individuals to attend the conference/banquet. Will consult with the Hawaii Wing Director of Public Affairs as needed.
Requirements: Public Affairs Experience 
Reports to: Conference/Banquet Chair


Conference Information Technology Officer (Senior Member)

The IT Officer is responsible for setting up and managing the software that we will use for the Virtual Conference. This person will also advise the Chair on any IT matters that are linked to the Conference. Will  consult with the Hawaii Wing Director of IT as needed.
Requirements: IT/Video Conference Software Experience Preferred
Reports to: Conference/Banquet Chair


Conference Director (Senior Member)

The conference director is specifically responsible for all classes that take place during the Conference. This director specifically works with the Cadet Project Officer, Senior Member Conference Coordinator, and the Class Moderators. Also, the Conference Director is responsible for putting together the application for registration for all members (this may be done with the Banquet Director as well).
Requirements: Prior Event Planning Preferred/Working with Cadet Experience
Reports to: Conference/Banquet Chair


Senior Member Conference Coordinator (Senior Member)

The Conference Coordinator is responsible for the conference schedule and ensuring that classes are organized for the senior members. 
Requirements: None
Reports to: Conference Director


Conference Cadet Project Officer (Phase 4 Cadet)

The Cadet Project Officer reports directly to the Conference Director. This cadet is responsible for coordinating all cadet classes being taught along with cadet instructors. The Cadet Project Officer is responsible for ensuring that the classes taught are tailored to the cadet needs, meaning that the classes taught are beneficial and informative along with encompassing the three CAP missions (Leadership, Aerospace and Emergency Services). The Cadet Project Officer is also responsible for formulating a cadet class schedule. 
This role is dynamic and the CPO may be used in different positions to help represent the cadet core in decisions. 
The Cadet Project Officer may have a staff to help them plan the Cadet Side of the Conference.
Requirements: Must be a Phase 4 Cadet (C/Captain or Higher)
Reports to: Conference Director


Conference Class Moderators (Senior Members) - 4 openings

The Class Moderators are responsible for monitoring the virtual classrooms where classes are conducted. They are responsible for admitting members into the classroom and monitoring activity.
Requirements: None
Reports to: Conference Director

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