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Public Affairs Plan Submission

Public Affairs Plans 2023 Submission

PAOs at the flight, squadron, group, wing, and region levels will develop an annual PA plan to promote CAP, its goals, and its mission for internal and external audiences.  Drafting your squadrons PA plan will need to follow the four-step planning process for PA: 

  • Step 1: Determine PA needs and opportunities.
  • Step 2: Establish goals/objectives designed to fulfill the needs and opportunities identified in Step 1.
  • Step 3: Establish action strategies for each objective, including a way to measure the effectiveness of the tactics being used. 
  • Step 4: State the desired impact envisioned for each goal provided in Step 3.  

Here is your guide to writing your squadron PA Plan The Four Step Planning Process

Please use the form below to submit your plan and shall you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact 2d Lt Janel Fujinaka, Hawai‘i Wing Public Affairs Officer by email at: janel.fujinaka@hiwgcap.org


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