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CAP provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members and ensures that educational, membership and operational decisions are based on each individual’s abilities and qualifications. Consistent with this practice and applicable laws, it is CAP policy that no member shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination with respect to accessibility to any CAP program or activity on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability (formerly handicap), marital status, military or veteran status. However, each case is subject to applicable qualifications and ability standards for the CAP program or activity concerned. Further, it is Civil Air Patrol policy that no applicant meeting CAP’s minimum age requirement will be denied membership in CAP on the basis of any of the foregoing characteristics. This policy is intended to ensure that only relevant factors are considered and that equitable and consistent standards of conduct and performance are applied.
By completing the form below, I certify that I understand the CAP Policy of Nondiscrimination as outlined in CAPR 36-1.

In addition, I understand that the Wing and Squadron commanders are responsible for (1) implementing and enforcing CAP policies, procedures, and directives prohibiting discrimination throughout the squadron; (2) ensuring that the CAP Nondiscrimination Policy is briefed annually to all members within the squadron; (3) making every effort to ensure diversity in recruiting new members into CAP; (4) maintaining such records as determined necessary to ensure compliance with these directives. 

Further, I will comply with the letter and the intent of the CAP Nondiscrimination Policy, and I will cooperate with the CAP Equal Opportunity Officer, or his/her designated representative, in the investigation and resolution of complaints of discrimination or allegations of violation of the CAP Nondiscrimination Policy.

Please choose the correct unit below:

HI-001 Wing Headquarters

HI-009 Wheeler Composite Squadron

HI-030 Maryknoll Cadet Squadron

HI-043 Lyman Field Composite Squadron

HI-057 Maui County Composite Squadron

HI-060 Kona Composite Squadron

HI-066 Hickam Composite Squadron

HI-073 Kauai Composite Squadron

HI-075 West Oahu Composite Squadron

HI-077 St. Louis Crusaders Composte Squadron

HI-078 Honolulu Senior Squadron




For Unit Leaders (limited access):

HI-001 Wing Headquarters NDP Response Log

HI-009 Wheeler Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-030 Maryknoll Cadet Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-043 Lyman Field Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-057 Maui County Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-060 Kona Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-066 Hickam Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-073 Kauai Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-075 West Oahu Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-077 St. Louis Crusaders Composite Squadron NDP Response Log

HI-078 Honolulu Senior Squadron NDP Response Log

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