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Wing Open Staff Positions

Volunteer Wing Open Positions

Have the skills and want to put them to the test at the wing level? We are always seeking volunteer Senior Members who wish to have the opportunity to become more involved and use the skills, knowledge, and training they have acquired and support the wing and the following departments: 


Director of Aerospace Education

The Wing Director of Aerospace Education shall plan and execute different Aerospace Education activities for both Cadets and Senior Members. The AE Director will also support local Squadrons in implementing/managing their own AE program.  

The Wing Director of Aerospace Education will:

• Implement aerospace education policy and advise their commander on the status of AE programs.

• Recruit, train, and assist subordinate AE personnel in accomplishing a successful AE mission.

• Ensure that AE staff positions are filled at their level and subordinate levels.

• Maintain a current roster of AE personnel at their level and subordinate levels.

• Encourage all AE personnel to complete the AE Specialty Track.

• Encourage all senior members to complete the Yeager Award.

• Establish and review budget requirements.

• Monitor aerospace education requirements from NHQ to ensure compliance.

• Develop AE Plan of Action (Wing level only).

• Update commanders on the progress of the AE Plan of Action.

• Compile an AE Activity Report.

• Encourage the completion of the AE Excellence Award Program (AEX) in CAP units and schools.

• Communicate with subordinate units.

• Encourage participation in the Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flights.

• Encourage the recruitment and retention of Aerospace Education Members (AEMs).

• Encourage the recruitment and retention of participants in the Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program.

• Encourage the use of AE STEM kits within CAP units and by AEMs.

• Solicit the preparation and submission of AE Awards.

• Convene a committee to select winners of AE awards.

• Support aerospace-related events and activities in CAP units and communities


Assistant Wing Diversity Officer

The Wing Diversity Officer is the subject matter expert for diversity and inclusiveness excellence in their respective wing. The Wing Diversity Officer advises the Wing Commander and staff on the impact of diversity on mission effectiveness and recruiting/retention, organizational progress, and actions to promote diversity.

The Assistant Wing Diversity Officer will assist the Wing Diversity Officer in the following areas:

• Provide strategic planning and oversight for institutional diversity and inclusion in all areas, including but not limited to programs, personnel, and resources.

• Monitor diversity statistics and analyze the data for trends. Advise the Wing commander on ways to improve the climate within their wing.

• Collaborate with stakeholders to leverage effective practices to diversify membership, leadership, and staff teams. Serve as a resource to identify and implement best practices, programs, and processes across the wing.

• Work with other members of the Wing Staff to provide strategic communications and public outreach and to guide recruiting and retention efforts to promote a diverse membership. Assist with developing local partnerships and activities with organizations that share similar missions and attract membership from historically underrepresented populations.

• Support the Wing Staff in developing and updating publications (supplements, operating instructions, pamphlets, brochures, websites, etc.) to encourage diversity, reflect the diverse population, and remove barriers to participation.)



The Wing Historian will preserve, maintain and discover different historical material that reflects Hawaii Wing's history within Civil Air Patrol.

The Historian will:

• Preparation of annual histories, which are mandatory for wings and optional for regions and other units.

• Assemble and maintain copies of CAP historical documentation, to include archival materials, artifacts, and both written and oral histories.

• Prepare historical material for purposes of orientation, building esprit de corps, developing Civil Air Patrol's public image, assist in matters of heraldry, and to support to executive decision-making.

• Complete all duties with objectivity, critical evaluation and a full appreciation of the importance of factual data in the preparation of historical narratives and reports.

• Provide assistance and advice concerning research; prepare lectures, papers, and staff studies; and assist with activities that require historical knowledge or the use of historical materials.

• Develop increased interest in, and an improved understanding of, CAP history through historical programs and social media.


Volunteer applicants are encouraged to apply by contacting Col Stacy Haruguchi, Hawaii Wing Commander, to be considered for the position listed above.

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