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From the Director of Emergency Services

As we come out of COVID and return to full operational tempo our goals for FY2022 include: conducting high quality ES training, bringing our sUAS team online, and resuming our inter-agency training.

High quality ES training:
On boarding pilots was a success in 2021 and will be reflected in increased request flight evaluations.

HIWG will conduct one Tsunami Warning training event each month - this is our most important life saving mission and we need to remain confident in our proficiency, one wing-wide SAREX each quarter to support ES training at the local level - each island will host one per year to incorporate specific local knowledge into the wing training - these quarterly fly ins will include a primary focus activity such as AP, MRO, or Water Survival, plus support mission staff assignment training. This past year we had many different kinds of missions: a missing person search, ELT/EPIRBs, floods and hurricanes on all islands, aerial photography and even a tsunami mission. We need to improve our UDF response, so we are planning a GSAR for next summer.  

sUAS team:
New this year is a focus on sUAS training and the creation of a strong pipeline of qualified pilots.  2021 virtual training advanced 18 pilot trainees to the performance evaluation level.  2022 will include specific inter-island events that close the loop and secures at least one sUAS Team per island.

Inter-agency cooperation and training:
Despite the restrictions, we achieved some agency bridge-building this past year. We continue to have a strong relationship with HIEMA, and use their WebEOC, the Coast Guard is calling us more often, we are working closely with Kauai SAR (KSAR), participation in Vigilant Guard furthered relationships with PACAF and we have a good thing going with the HVO and USGS. There are more opportunities to serve our community by building agency cooperation.

This year the ARMY did not use us for their UAV trainings, and the IA ANG did not come for their traditional annual photography training. However, we anticipate both of these customers to return in 2022, along with HIEMA's annual training, we are training with the HING and the Coast Guard, the Navy PMRF, HING Intercept/Shield missions, and discussions with the Army continue regarding support for their MQ-9 flight support.

We anticipate FY2022 will have a high operations tempo, to include emerging missions. Because of these new mission requirements, our training needs are growing.


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