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Hawaii Wing Civil Air Patrol works towards ensuring that we are aligned with our three missions of Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Aerospace Education.  In part of ensuring that we continue these programs, we continually seek support through fundraising, sponsorships, and partnerships with the public and private to raise the necessary funding that will support our goals as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and regional chapter. 

To learn more about how you can support us and our missions, please visit: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/fieldfr 

Hawaii Wing Development Director: Capt Darryl Ng or Hawaii Wing Assistant Development Director 1st Lt Janel Fujinaka.


When fundraising, units should adhere to the regulations under CAPR 173-4 (Fundraising/Donation Regulation).  The regulation provides specific examples of the process and receipts that must be given when donations are made to a Squadron or Wing.

In addition to CAPR 173-4, Hawaii Wing Squadrons must adhere to the CAPR 173-4 Wing Supplement which gives further, more detailed instructions.  In particular, it requires any squadron fundraising to use HIWG Form 173-04-01 for request and send it to rramos@capnhq.gov with CC to the Wing Director of Finance for review.  Once it is approved by the Wing Commander, the fundraising event can proceed so please be sure to get that request in as soon as practicable.  This includes any event where any amount of money is raised whether it is a car wash, bake sale, or collecting money at a fair. 

Once the activity is completed, the original fundraising form's Post Activity Section should be filled out and a copy returned to rramos@capnhq.gov with cc to Wing Director of Finance with a scan of the deposit form for the funds.

Please keep in mind that a CAPF160 (Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet) is required with any fundraisers that are not online.

Issue receipts in a timely manner to those that donate.  CAPF 164A, Donation Receipt, must be executed for all donations of $250 or more where no goods or services are provided to the donor and all donations of $75 or more where goods or services are provided to the donor. It is important that it is completely filled out and a copy retained in the Commander’s file accepting the donation. For Donations of vehicles, please use CAPF 164B.

In addition, the donor may request an IRS Form 8283, which you can request by contacting the Hawaii Wing Director of Development.

For further questions, please feel free to contact the Hawaii Wing Director of Development at darryl.ng@hiwgcap.org or Hawaii Wing Assistant Director of Development 2d Lt Janel Fujinaka at janel.fujinaka@hiwgcap.org.


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