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Cadet Programs

The Hawaii Wing Civil Air Patrol cadet program prepares and transforms our youth into responsible citizens and creates tomorrow's leaders.  As a 100% volunteer organization, students between the ages of 12 to 21 can partake in activities and events that will help enhance their pathway to successfully developing skills and traits that encourage positive learning to prepare them for their futures.

This program encompasses all cadet and youth development aspects that touch on physical fitness, leadership training, aerospace education, emergency services, & character development.  Our program offers opportunities such as orientations flights in official Civil Air Patrol aircraft with five powered and five glider flights before the age of 18; A one-week encampment event that allows new cadets to learn more about our program and collaborate with other established cadets to learn about customs and courtesies, leadership, aerospace education, and so much more; weekly squadron meetings give cadets that additional support to learn more about how they can contribute to their cadet pathway and teach others to reach for their goals while tracking their progress. 

Join us and learn what we are all about while finding your passion for your future. Below are helpful links that show what we do as a program and will connect you to our National Cadet Programs page. 

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