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Commander's Message

From the Desk of the Commander, Col Chantal Lonergan

September 11, 2020

“On September 11, I always take the day off. I want to be in a peaceful quiet place praying. It is a day I both mourn and celebrate.” 

~Genelle Guzman-McMillan, 9/11 Survivor


Aloha, Hawaii Wing Ohana,

September 11th is a day that calls our attention to a time where our country unified in support of first responders and people opened their hearts to family and friends of those lost. We made personal commitments to defend our 'sweet land of liberty'. Civil Air Patrol members were ready to serve, providing 48 response and recovery sorties in the first 72 hours following the attacks. As we pause in the spirit of unity to mourn, comfort, and show gratitude, I invite you join with me inspired by those dreadful events of this day in 2001. Know how proud I am of you and all that you do to prepare yourself for volunteer service to your community, state, and nation.

Tsunamis warnings have often been issued at night requiring our pilots to maintain IFR and night time proficiency. Tsunamis generated from Alaska can reach our shores in as little as 4 hours and our crews train to have aircraft ready to launch within two hours of notice. Without access to resources beyond our island shores, each island must be prepared to work within their Squadron(s) to prepare for and support a Mission Base that can operate without relocating personnel from other islands. That represents a lot of opportunity for you to contribute.

Here in Hawaii, and despite the restrictions from the COVID-19 "stay at home" orders this year, we had only a slightly lower operational tempo than previous years. Pilots took advantage of AF proficiency profiles to remain current, the number of ELT/EPIRB missions remained high, and we flew more Air Defense/Intercept missions than ever before. Additionally, we are regularly flying special missions for the NAVY.

Congratulations, Hawaii Wing! For your excellence in service, you have been awarded the 2020 Homeland Defense and Homeland Security Award for the Pacific Region. Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to these important missions throughout the year.

The HQ CAP-USAF HLS/HLD Award is presented to an outstanding CAP wing from each CAP-USAF Liaison Region for their performance of the HLS/HLD mission in the previous calendar year. Selection criteria is based on the evaluation of each wing's cumulative performance of HLS/HLD Air Force Assigned Missions. Hawaii Wing was selected to receive the CAP-USAF PLR 2020 HLS/HLD Award (01 Jan 2019-31 Dec 2019) in recognition of their superior performance and dedicated support to the Hawaii Air National Guard 154th Fighter Wings Koa Shield and Sentry Shield Air Defense Missions.

I anticipate FY2021 will have an even higher operational tempo, including sUAS and other emerging missions. It is an honor to serve with and support you fine airmen. May today remind us why we do what we do and inspire us to work even harder tomorrow.


"When Americans lend a hand to one another, nothing is impossible. We’re not about what happened on 9/11. We’re about what happened on 9/12."

~ Jeff Parness, founder of New York Say Thank You



August 17, 2020

Aloha Hawaii Wing Ohana,

August marks the end of the planning period for our next fiscal year, set to begin on October 1st. This is a critical strategic year for Hawaii Wing as we take lessons learned from our fight against COVID-19 and apply them to adjusting our Wing Strategic Plan and develop a meaningful Annual Action Plan for our members. This is your Wing, it's your Plan, it's your Member Experience, and I need your help – let's find a better way, together.

Congratulations to each of you who registered and attended presentations at the National Conference this weekend. There were so many great presenters and the chat boxes were going gangbusters with ideas, experiences, and successes. With a big emphasis on sharing changes, innovation, creativity, and best practices, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how you were inspired to improve the member experience in Hawaii Wing!

Hawaii Wing Suggestion Box

As you're thinking of how to present your idea, program, or event, please include as many details as you can to show how it will impact individual members as well as the wing. No idea is too small. An idea unshared is an idea that could never have an impact. Think about nails... In the innovative times of the early 1900's, casting and metal shaping led to the creation of little spiked pieces of metal that play a vital role in keeping our construction projects safely together. It's incredible to think how structures were built by interlocking pieces together in patterns before nails! Now, many designs and sore thumbs later ... nails are an integral part of our construction industry. You never know how your idea could play a part to innovate the future of Hawaii Wing.

To all members who have already brought ideas and new processes to the wing leadership for development and integration in how we serve our members, the wing is poised to thrive because of your personal contributions.

Thank you!


June 20,2020


Aloha Hawaii Wing Members,

Your safety is our priority. Hawaii Wing’s Phase 1 Remobilization Plan has been approved. Please refer to the following documents (also in the right side bar):

Hawaii Wing Remobilization Guidance Letter, Phase 1

HIWG COVID-19 Phased Health Guidelines and Member

Note: All members must wear a face mask at all times during Phase I activities with two or more persons from different households present, in addition to providing 6 feet physical distancing between members wherever possible.

Remember: physical distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, area disinfecting, and staying at home when you don’t feel well are all steps we can personally take to keep each other safe. 

These practices exemplify servant leadership and show a commitment to our core values. CDC reminds us that face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. 

Thank you for setting the example and communicating the safety and care of our members in a positive way. 27 new cases of community spread infections were reported today; officials expect more new cases as businesses reopen and individuals begin to move around in public. On that same note, below are two excerpts from the 18 June 2020, Hawaii COVID-19 Joint Information Center News Release. 

The Hawai‘i House of Representatives confirmed today that a person working at the State Capitol is one of those who tested positive for COVID-19. House leaders say the person wore a mask at work and stayed home when symptoms first developed, so the risk of infection to others is low. The state legislature is scheduled to go back into session next Monday, June 22, though the State Capitol will remain closed to the public.

Health experts and state leaders are daily reminding Hawai‘i residents to continue with safe practices, including physical distancing, use of face masks, hand washing and staying home when sick. “These steps altogether,” Dr. Park explains, “are the single best things each and every one of us can and should do, not only to protect our own health, but the health of all of our loved ones and particularly our kupuna.” 

Phase I authorizes Senior Members to meet for small group training and preparation of squadron areas for Phase II. Hawaii Wing will immediately begin planning for Phase II, which, when authorized, will allow Low Risk cadets to return to meetings and other activities. As High Risk members will still be out during Phase II, and only allowed intermittently during Phase III, your squadron will continue providing opportunities for self-identified High-Risk members to remain engaged in CAP via virtual means. I greatly appreciate all your efforts in contributing to the success of on-line engagement over the last few months--please maintain your momentum in this area. 

Be well, stay safe, have fun. As the memo states, I am approving Hawaii Wing and all squadrons to proceed into Phase I immediately. Let your squadron leadership know if you have any questions. As always, please let me know what the Wing can do to assist you in your CAP career.


April 2, 2020

With all the digital channels available to plug into during this time of physically distancing and isolating ourselves, it's more critical than ever that our interpersonal communication remain respectful, effective, and responsible. Thank you for helping Hawaii Wing build trust in CAP during this fast paced time of change with beneficial messaging. Many families are experiencing significant impacts, and some members may even experience mental health impacts and depression from reduced social contact and isolation.  How can you lessen the impacts by engaging and connecting with your fellow members?  We are in this together - we face the fear and confines together.

One way to share helpful information is to direct members, family, and friends to the new wing website: https://hiwg.cap.gov/member-info/safety/our-covid-19-response 

Acknowledging physical distancing is an essential way to slow the spread of COVID-19, I highly encourage all members to follow the Governor's and your local Mayor's proclamations.  Doing so exercises self-excellence and displays respect for the many emergency response and health care workers doing their best to keep everyone safe.  Distancing works best when we use integrity - whether someone is watching or not - and all adhere to it.

Members want accurate information regarding temporary restrictions, waivers, and best practices, etc. especially for Cadet Programs advancement and Emergency Service Response Protocols. I'm interested to hear from you how else Hawaii Wing CAP can contribute to improving the effectiveness of our interactions and communications to maintain critical member engagement.  Your innovative idea could make a difference for a struggling member.  Be an agent for our success; submit your ideas here: https://hiwg.cap.gov/member-info/member-support/virtual-squadron-meetings

Keep engaging, keep advancing your education and training, keep promoting, and keep recruiting!  Together we can build trust in CAP during this fast paced time of change.  Thank you for giving your best to the situation.

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