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Commander's Message

From the Desk of the Commander, Col Chantal Lonergan

April 2, 2020

With all the digital channels available to plug into during this time of physically distancing and isolating ourselves, it's more critical than ever that our interpersonal communication remain respectful, effective, and responsible. Thank you for helping Hawaii Wing build trust in CAP during this fast paced time of change with beneficial messaging. Many families are experiencing significant impacts, and some members may even experience mental health impacts and depression from reduced social contact and isolation.  How can you lessen the impacts by engaging and connecting with your fellow members?  We are in this together - we face the fear and confines together.

One way to share helpful information is to direct members, family, and friends to the new wing website: https://hiwg.cap.gov/member-info/safety/our-covid-19-response 

Acknowledging physical distancing is an essential way to slow the spread of COVID-19, I highly encourage all members to follow the Governor's and your local Mayor's proclamations.  Doing so exercises self-excellence and displays respect for the many emergency response and health care workers doing their best to keep everyone safe.  Distancing works best when we use integrity - whether someone is watching or not - and all adhere to it.

Members want accurate information regarding temporary restrictions, waivers, and best practices, etc. especially for Cadet Programs advancement and Emergency Service Response Protocols. I'm interested to hear from you how else Hawaii Wing CAP can contribute to improving the effectiveness of our interactions and communications to maintain critical member engagement.  Your innovative idea could make a difference for a struggling member.  Be an agent for our success; submit your ideas here: https://hiwg.cap.gov/member-info/member-support/virtual-squadron-meetings

Keep engaging, keep advancing your education and training, keep promoting, and keep recruiting!  Together we can build trust in CAP during this fast paced time of change.  Thank you for giving your best to the situation.

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