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America's Independence is July 4th 2020.

We enjoy family gatherings, fireworks, parades, excitement, and fun in the sun each year. But, we must remember freedom isn't free for those who paid the price. Freedom is also for all Americans and those who dwell in our land. This includes the diversity and inclusion of every nation. who call America home. We are a melting pot of races, religions, cultures, all mixed together to make America the land of the free. Yes, we are in crisis mode, with tensions, fighting and tearing down of our history. Make this 4th of July count, be at peace, and find ways to make those in the world in which you live, feel included and accepted, as you celebrate this Independence Day, 2020. 


Can religion and CAP co-exist as part of diversity?

We all have the right to our views for or against religion and faith in CAP. 

Everyone has a right to believe as they so choose. Every faith group is to be welcomed and be inclusive as per freedom of religion. 

Even if a person is an Atheist or Agnostic, with no religious perspective or any type of religion, is to be included and welcomed into CAP. It is important to be sensitive to our diverse cultures, religious views, and beliefs without pushing the envelope for others to agree with, or instill one's religious views on another. CAP is non-religious, but allows for moral and ethical instruction by chaplains of faith groups. The goal is to develop a moral compass in producing leadership qualities of integrity in our cadets for 2020 and beyond. 

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